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He is the main character. H is of divine heritage since he is the son of the sun, and he never fails to wield his authority. He is short, chubby and always full of ailments. He is wasteful and is always in debt and yet never gives up grandeur.
    • NILUS


He is the multi-faceted national genius. An architect and pyramid builder, he ventures into almost every branch of human endeavor. His inventions, which are often anachronistic, almost always end up in disaster. He has an assistant who is more clever than he.



The secretary of the Pharaoh. He is the only character with some common sense. His suggestions frequently prevent huge problems for his boss. Far-sighted, Neb can make the whole Empire work on his own. He doesn't talk much, but he always has a cutting jibe ready.



The Hight Priest. He carries forward the temple, and has the job of explaining the divine will. He manages the offers brought by the people as he pleases. The people attend his public speeches out of habit and make fun of them.



The Pharaoh's daughter. Typical, spoiled girl who is concerned with getting tan and polishing her nails.



Improbable heir to throne because he is more quick-witted than his father, the Pharaoh.


He has already understood everything and he tryied to flee eight times.



He is the head of the Pharaoh's guard and also commands the army. He is supposed to defend Egypt from foreign and internal enemies. He is fearful and often stutters.



Sarcophagus builder and embalmer.



Irascible guardian of the slaves.



Their only task is that of building one pyramid after another or building some other crazy public work thought up by Nilus.



The people: the ones who really make the country run. The work from dawn until dusk to tear the products they and the Pharaoh's court need to survive from the desert. They are always battling famines, floods and tax collectors.



The Nilus' assistant.